Why should I choose Kitajc.com?

Because you can pay with various payment methods like PayPal and Revolut.
Our company is registered in Slovenia, which means we are eligible to Slovenian consumer legislation, which is in most cases similar to EU legislation:
In case you are not satisfied with the product or you simply changed your mind, you can in 14 days from delivery send us a note that you are withdrawing from the contract and that you will be returning the product. When we receive the product we have 14 days to either refund you the paid product amount or send you a new / replacement product, whatever you prefer.


"Carefree purchase directly from China." Why carefree?

Carefree payment with PayPal, sepa money transfer or Revolut account.
You can return a product to our Slovenian address in 14 days, and we will refund you no questions asked.
If the product stops working with normal use, you have one year warranty, as normal in all Slovenian shops. For some products the warranty time is three years by default (some products by Xiaomi).


Do you deliver to Croatia?

Yes, we deliver to Croatia and other EU member states.


What payment methods do you have?

You can pay with direct money transfer (using for example online banking), PayPal, or Revolut account. Credit cards processing is available through PayPal.


How long will I wait for the shipment?

It depends on shipping method. The cheapest shipping method with tracking which is also the slowest usually takes up to 30 days. When the value of the shipment is low (e.g. 1-3 €) we can use the shipping method without the tracking number in this case the shipment can take up to 50 days. If the shipment is not delivered in that time a refund will be issued.
More expensive shipments will be sent by faster shipping methods, you might get it for example in 14 days.
In case a product is already located in a warehouse in EU, you might get it in 3-7 days.


When do you issue an invoice?

We issue an invoice when we get the payment. With PayPal that is instantly, however bank payment or Revolut payment require a manual confirmation.


When will my shipment be sent?

When we issue an order with our supplier, they will send the shipment as soon as possible. We are selecting the suppliers also on the basis how fast they ship the orders. Usually the order is shipped the same or next day after payment, except when orders are shipped from China in the time of holidays (Chinese new year).


Can I track my shipment?

Yes, every shipment has a tracking number, which you get over email once the shipment is sent. Shipments of low value (Dostava iz Kitajske - najceneje, 30-50 dni), have a tracking number, which is valid only in China. 


I see that a product will be sent from a warehouse in EU, will I still need to pay VAT tax?

No, you will not need to value added tax (VAT) since it was already paid at the import into EU.


What is the catch? How can you afford to have so low prices?

There is no catch. Prices are same as in China, we take just a bit of a fee to cover expenses of advanced payment processing and possible warranty processing and a small margin, which is our profit. With selection of reliable suppliers we are minimizing warranty costs, and assuring customer satisfaction with products and consequently also with our services.


What if the product is not as I expected?

Send us an email or give us a call within 14 days from delivery and send us a product back to our address in Slovenia and we will refund you.


I've seen a product, which I would like to order from China. Can I order it through you?

Yes, you can suggest a new product by sending us an email, the detailed information can be found on the page Suggest a product.


How is it with VAT tax payment until 1.1.2021?

Value added tax (VAT) needs to be paid for invoices over 22€ when the shipment is imported in European Union. If the shipment value is lower than 22€, than it is not eligible for VAT tax payment.


I received a notice from Posta Slovenije that I got the shipment and that I should send them the invoice so they can proceed with the customs procedure, what should I do?

This is a standard procedure when you receive a shipment from a country outside of EU. You should send them the invoice which you received from us, this should suffice for them to finish the import customs procedure and send you the shipment, for which you will need to pay the VAT tax when you receive it. In case the value of a shipment is below 22€, you will receive the shipment without additional costs.


Is there a way to skip the tax payment procedure?

Yes, that is possible, what you need to do is to check a checkbox "I want you to handle the tax payment" during a checkout. We will charge you 25% of the order amount (VAT + manipulation fee), and the shipment will be sent to our address. When the customs procedure is finished you will get the package sent from Slovenia. Please allow few extra days or a week for this procedure. For shipments which are sent from a warehouse in EU, you (or we) will not need to pay VAT, since it was already paid during the import into EU.


How is it with VAT tax payment after 1.1.2021?

After 1st January 2021 the VAT payment will be necessary for all shipments, even for values lower than 22€. That means VAT will be added to the purchase price by the supplier. Every person or company eligible for paying VAT will need to pay it at the point of purchase, than the supplier will deduct tax to a corresponding EU country. This rule will be simultaneously applied on whole EU region. The VAT rate which the supplier will charge, will depend on the country to which the shipment will be sent. That means it will be cheaper to make an order with delivery address in Germany (VAT 19%) than in Slovenia (VAT 22%).



Last changed: 6.3.2020