Alltest SARS-CoV-2 rapid antigen test for self-testing (nasal swab) - 5 pcs


A box of 5 tests for covid-19 detection from manufacturer HANGZHOU ALLTEST BIOTECH CO., LTD. All the accessories to perform a test are included in a box including a Slovenian instructions for use.

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Alltest COVID-19 rapid antigen test

Product is indended for self-testing. Slovenian instructions for use are attached.

A product has a four digit number of notified body which validated a product for laymen use for self-testing.

Izdelek je primeren le za samotestiranje. Priložena so slovenska navodila.

Izdelek ima štirimestno kodo priglašenega organa (notified body), ki je validiralo izdelek za uporabo s strani laikov za samotestiranje.

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